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Why I-O Practitioners are Choosing to Work at System-3

Julia and Claudie are two recent graduates of the I-O (Industrial Organizational) Psychology Master’s program at the University of Guelph. Learn why they joined System-3 and how I-O practitioners can make an impact in HR tech.

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System-3 Team

System-3 Raises $3.6 Million in Seed Funding

Funding positions System-3 to enhance its predictive simulation software that is changing how companies identify and evaluate high performance candidates for executive roles

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Why Respecting Diversity Data is a Business Essential - And How to Do it

Companies that want to improve on diversity all need to start at the same point; data. However gathering data about diversity can be incredibly challenging.

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‚ÄčIngrid Wilson, CHRL, CMS, is Senior Director, Culture, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Walmart Canada.

The Future of Work for the Black Community

Is the workforce of the future widening systemic gaps? ‚Äć System-3 Advisory Committee Member Ingrid Wilson shares with us the future of work for Black Canadians.

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System-3 - Woman Leadership

Hiring the best executive ‚Äėathlete‚Äô benefits women (and maybe men)

The Globe and Mail - I've read and published many reports on women in the executive ranks and at the board level. I'm in the executive search business, and every day, my firm is specifically self-mandated

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A photo of Elan Pratzer

Elan Pratzer on beta testing hiring software that will identify Leadership Readiness

Toronto Star - Elan Pratzer talks to the Star about how to find and put diverse talent into a company’s most senior ranks, and how AI helps avoid bias in the hiring process

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