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How Is System-3’s Leadership Simulation Different than Other Assessments?

Unlike traditional assessments and costly assessment centers, System-3 objectively predicts Executive performance under pressure, evaluating complex decision-making in response to real-world, executive business challenges – measures that can’t be derived from personality assessments, and are far more significant for understanding if a leader, emerging or experienced, will succeed in your organization.  In addition, we do it with an immersive, simulation-based technology that is faster, and more cost-effective and scalable than other assessments.

Why Choose Simulations for Talent Evaluation?

Scientific studies confirm that video-based simulations are the most effective method of talent evaluation. Simulations are more engaging, immerse the user in a realistic experience, have a stronger correlation to job performance and demonstrate greater predictive validity when compared to other tests.  The System-3 Simulation also delivers a superior candidate experience compared to traditional assessments and assessment centers.

How Can System-3's Leadership Simulation Have Immediate Impact?

As System-3’s Leadership Simulation is fast and scalable, you can immediately deploy it in in the most important areas of your Human Capital Strategy and realize positive impacts. Clients and Partners see immediate impacts when evaluating candidates for leadership roles, creating executive succession plans, analyzing bench strength, coaching executives, aligning teams and team dynamics,and identifying hidden, diverse talent within their organizations.

Who Benefits from the System-3 Leadership Simulation?

Candidates, organizations and Investors all benefit from the System-3 Leadership Simulation. Candidates enjoy an engaging simulation without scheduling headaches. Organizations receive a predictive, fast and scalable leadership assessment solution that is cost-effective to deploy throughout all levels of leadership roles. Investors minimize risk and spend by ensuring higher-performing executives and aligned executive teams are leading their portfolio companies.

Is the Leadership Simulation Relevant Across Industry Sectors?

Absolutely. The System-3 Leadership Simulation is highly relevant and predictive across all industry sectors and roles, with a focus on executive leadership. The scenarios are drawn from extensive interviews with a diverse set of executive leaders across different industry sectors and roles and based upon actual, complex situations experienced by these executives,ensuring applicability in diverse contexts.

What is the Scientific Basis for System-3's Leadership Simulation?

The System-3 Leadership Simulation measures required and essential leadership competencies for executive success. This leadership competency framework is grounded in an extensive review  of more than 500 scientific studies. All the competencies are predictive of leadership performance, linked to leadership KPIs and thoroughly screened for bias.

The competency framework has been validated through a series of validity and reliability studies and continues to be monitored on an ongoing basis for validity, reliability, and bias. An advisory committee of diverse and accomplished leaders provided guidance to help ensure  accuracy and absence of bias.

How does System-3 Predict Leadership Performance?

System-3's Leadership Simulation measures how emerging or existing leaders deploy core leadership competencies under executive pressure. Situational judgement tests rank responses to real-life executive challenges, capturing the underlying trade-offs in decision-making within different situations. This approach more closely resembles actual executive decision-making, offering stronger predictive validity and a better understanding of leadership performance, critical to driving high-impact human capital decisions and mitigating risk.

What is the S-3 Benchmark™?

The S-3 Benchmark™ is a unique, proprietary, and unbiased benchmark of leadership performance derived from the aggregate performance of current, accomplished executive leaders who have met rigorous criteria for exceptional performance and career success. These successful executives come from a range of diverse industries, roles, and backgrounds. The S-3 Benchmark™ also serves as the foundation of customizing benchmarks for specific clients to gain even deeper insights into organizational leadership performance.

How Can Individuals Use the Leadership Simulation Results?

System-3 Leadership Simulation reports empower individuals with significant insights for personal and career development. In contrast to static personality assessments, our reports highlight how individuals will behave under the pressures of executive decision making. These insights provide a more constructive and impactful basis for the personal reflection, mentorship and coaching to translate these insights into actionable personal and career growth strategies.