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System-3 has developed a Leadership Simulation, to identify leadership excellence.  System-3’s unique, predictive, unbiased Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based Leadership Simulation measures whether a person deploys today’s must have Leadership Competencies when under executive pressure.

At System-3, we take privacy seriously. This Privacy Policy describes how we collect, use, and disclose personal information.

Personal information we collect  
Individuals completing the Leadership Simulation are referred to below as a User. As a User, when taking the Leadership Simulation, your name, contact information and responses are collected as well as metrics on how you used the Leadership Simulation.

Additional information such as employment and education history and professional credentials may be collected when requested by our clients.

At the end of the Leadership Simulation, you may be be asked to participate in the voluntary Diversity Survey. Any response you provide in this section, will not have any impact on your Leadership Simulation results.

System-3 may also collect publicly available business and career information about individuals participating in the Leadership Simulation (Public Data).

How we use personal information  
The data obtained through the Leadership Simulation will be analyzed by predictive models and machine learning algorithms developed by us to produce an objective, science-based evaluation of a person’s leadership profile and competencies, in the form of a report with recommendations to be considered, along with other information, to support discussions about talent recruitment and development, succession and team building, by the client who engages our services and, in cases where our client is an executive search firm, our client’s client, on whose behalf the talent search is being conducted.

A report will also be provided to the User on their Leadership Simulation results.

The data obtained through the Leadership Simulation, as well as the Public Data, will also be used for internal research and analysis, product refinement, and testing to develop and to improve the Leadership Simulation and System-3’s products and services continually. With a User’s consent, contact information may also be used for marketing.

The data obtained through the voluntary Diversity Survey at the end of the Leadership Simulation will contribute to reducing bias and improving decision-making in leadership identification and talent management.

For additional detail see this chart.

Who we share personal data with  
We understand the importance of limiting the sharing of any personal information to what is necessary for providing our service and what is permitted by law.

System-3 software and technology developers, have access to information related to the development and improvement of our software, and machine learning algorithms. Safeguards to ensure third parties protect the data in accordance with industry standards are described below.

We share System-3  Leadership Simulation results through secure means only with the relevant client who engaged our services and, in cases where our client is an executive search firm, our client’s client, on whose behalf the talent search is being conducted. These results are not disclosed to any other third parties other than to System-3 subcontractors to the extent required to support performance and delivery of services to System-3 clients.

We may also disclose information to law enforcement only when permitted by law.

We do not share or sell any personal information with third parties for marketing or other purposes.

How we protect your personal information  
We ensure that we protect all personal information to industry standards with a combination of physical, technological, and organizational controls.

While no safeguards are guaranteed, System-3 also has risk mitigation strategies including a breach response protocol in place in the event of a cyberattack or other incident involving data. This includes notifying individuals and relevant authorities if there is a breach of privacy that involves any real risk of significant harm to individuals.

System-3 uses Microsoft Azure for processing and storage, and data is stored on secure servers. Only data we deem necessary is retained for a specified period and protected through various technological means, while transitional information is destroyed.

All System-3 contracts and agreements with third parties and employees, including those in other jurisdictions, include provisions to ensure information is protected to similar standards and System-3 remains accountable for ensuring your data is protected in their care. Any personal or confidential data transferred by System-3 to these third parties is done through secure channel. Note that information transferred to other jurisdictions is subject to those countries’ laws.

System-3 Leadership Simulation reports contain sensitive personal information about individual Users. Clients who engage our services have an obligation to protect data about individual Users accordingly, for example in establishing appropriate policies, procedures, and technical measures to limit access to and disclosure of this information.

How we use cookies  
System-3 uses cookies on our website and other similar tools to conduct web analytics, in order to optimize our websites performance and functionality. Web browser settings can allow you to control the cookies stored on your hard drive. If you choose to disable cookies, you will still be able to visit our website.

Your privacy rights  
System-3 understands that people care about their privacy, and we recognize that our service is enabled by the personal information entrusted to us. As such, we take privacy very seriously and ensure that we comply with applicable privacy laws, regulations, and best practices.

We are committed to respecting your privacy rights, including your right to access, correct or delete personal information held about you, to provide or withdraw your consent, to unsubscribe from communications from System-3, or to seek recourse if you feel your personal information has been mishandled. For general information on privacy rights in Canada visit

You may also wish to review our Terms of Use.

How to reach us  
If you have any questions or concerns about System-3’s personal information handling practices, please reach out to us by email at

Our Privacy Policy may change  
We may modify this Privacy Policy from time to time, so we invite you to review it periodically when you visit our website. Any significant changes to our personal information management practices will be proactively communicated to our clients and contacts.

Last updated February 16, 2023.

What personal information System-3 collects and how we use it

Research, product development and testing

Purpose of collection

Personal data elements collected

To promote and educate potential clients about System-3 Leadership Simulation
To invite Users to participate in the Leadership Simulation

Email address 
Business title 

To identify key Leadership Competencies to inform product development
To establish/validate key Leadership Competencies
To ensure System-3 Leadership Simulation is  designed to be inclusive of, and do not disadvantage various community groups
For continuous scientific research and development and product enhancements 

Full name
Employment status
Level of education
Responses to survey
Responses to Leadership Simulation

For validation of System-3 Leadership Simulation results and any further product refinements

Email address
Responses to Leadership Simulation
Public Data

To promote and educate potential clients about System-3 Leadership Simulation

General information 

Leadership Simulation results for clients

Purpose of collection

Personal data elements collected

To email Users to complete the System-3 Leadership Simulation
To send results to Users
To notify Users about significant changes to the System-3 Privacy Policy

Email address 

To assess Users’ core Leadership Competencies 
To produce a report of the Users’ core Leadership Competencies
Developing and maintaining the System-3 Leadership Simulation
Research and analysis,  product development and testing
To satisfy a law enforcement action, as required by law
To provide technical support to Users

Responses to the Leadership Simulation
Metrics related to Users’ use of the Leadership Simulation (e.g., time spent per question)

To provide technical support to users

Mobile number if provided, or email address

Voluntary Diversity Survey

Purpose of collection

Personal data elements collected

To help reduce bias and improve decision-making in leadership  identification and talent management.

Self Identify (as defined by Employment Equity standards)
Self  Stereotype (how you believe others perceive you)


Purpose of collection

Personal data elements collected

To manage and enhance the System-3 websites functionality and performance and address any technical issues that arise

Website use statistics and IP addresses via website cookies

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